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Wonder range

The baits of our Wonder Range have not stolen their name and like our CHAMPION range are very complex in composition and also contain a combination of different flavors, sweeteners and colorings mixed in.

Top anglers at home and abroad have been on the podium several times thanks to these baits.

Starter range

The baits are inexpensive, but they are made from the finest ingredients, as you have come to expect from Champion Feed. The baits are
less complex (Max. 10 different flours 1 aromatic ingredient), but still attractive enough to attract fish.
Our STARTER baits can be mixed naturally with bait and other Champion Feed flavors.

Excellent quality/price ratio.

Standard range

Ready-made baits of high quality. These have already proven to be indispensable for any competition!

Champion range

Multiple flavors and sweeteners are incorporated into this complex composition, as well as combinations of dyes. These Champion Range baits are indispensable for the national and international competition angler.

Champion de France

I am honored to present you my range of 9 new generation composite mixes. These satisfy the most advanced fishermen and the latest techniques of fishing.
Romain Foiratier.
The mixes are composed of high value ingredients and are easy to prepare and moisten.

Feeder range

This discipline has been on the rise for several years. Due to sophisticated high quality ingredients, our feeder baits are probably the best on the market. Yet sticky enough to cast far and then developed in the water a strong, active and attractive effect.

Method range

This new method in angling has become wildly popular for several years now.
This involves using a pellet or boilie as a hook bait.
The bait is molded around your hook bait, so to speak.
The bait is strongly sticky and usually consists of various ground and small pellets, and various types of fish meal.



Carp range

In our range you will find different types of carp baits and pastes, indispensable and of the highest quality. Fine, coarse, very coarse, with or without fish meal, the choice is yours.


The "ground 100% pur expander" can be added to your lures and dough added to make them more active and flexible.


Purple Pellets have proven their worth all over Europe today.
You just can't live without them. With their protein content of 32%, they lure fish like
no other. You can use them as bait and on the hook, or on an elastic ring, or by soaking them in some water in the fridge for 48 hours before fishing.

Available in: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 mm.

Black Purple

The 'Black Purple' pellets, Champion Feed's new pellets, are slightly darker than the 'Purple pellets'. They have great attractiveness and a very high protein content (35%). You can combine them as bait with the 'Purple pellets' to contrast with the bottom. Once you have tried them you are definitely sold! You can use them as bait and on the hook, or on an elastic ring, or by soaking them in some water in the fridge for 48 hours before fishing.

Available in: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 mm

Purple Paste

Our new range of bait dough, the 'Purple Paste', is, as the name suggests, partly composed of the renowned 'Purple Pellets'. Based on the flavors and colors available in our range, we composed this bait paste. Its common feature is that wetting is very easy, fast and very efficient.

For a perfect grip on your hook, we recommend using 1 dose of water for 2 amounts of dough.

Single range

We provide our own weekly collection of cookies, ice cream wafers (galettes), bread and bread crumbs from industrial bakeries and cookie manufacturers. In our factory we triage, grind, mix and package, so the angling stores always get fresh products delivered.


Pellet Match

Available in 2,3,4,6 and 8 mm

Super Soft pellets



All our flavors can be incorporated into bait, live bait, corn and grains.
Remember: Excess damages !


All our flavors can be used under and on bait, as well as on live bait. Corn and grains are also eagerly spoiled by our flavors. 

Depending on the water to be fished, you can reduce or increase the amount in your bait, also in warm water reduce the amount to be used, but remember: Excess damages !

Fusion Colors

Use Fusion Colors to color your groundbait and meet your needs during your fishing sessions.


Spice range

Use this range of pure herbs to enhance your mix or compose your own.

Available in 250 gr and 25 kg.

Liquid flavors

The "Liquid Aromas" are very powerful and enhance the attraction of bait, pellets, bait dough, seeds and even live feed.

Attra spray

Very fine white powder to clean and preserve your bait.

OIL flavors

Live baits

Molasses liquid & kemp cake


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